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I am extremely happy to inform that the office bearers of IFAA has initiated the formation of IFAA UAE CHAPTER.
It is a matter of pride for all of us that our alumni members in UAE are good professionals contributing to the success of the
fisheries and allied sectors in the UAE. They have made a commendable mark in their respective fields.
In view with our objective of building a global organisation a meeting of the IFAA members working in UAE was held on March 8, 2013 at Dubai.
Sri Edwin Joseph, President, IFAA presided over the meeting. 
The following members working in UAE attended the meeting.
  1. Anandavally
  2. Syrus Antony
  3. Chithra Baiju
  4. Sunu Raghavan
  5. Shahanas
  6. Joshi John
  7. Laiju Lazer
  8. Sunil Hassan
  9. Sajeev Kumar
  10. Praveen Ravi
  11. Riyas
  12. Greena Gireeshan
The meeting deliberated and decided to have the following as Core Committee Members (UAE Chapter):

President           :             Laiju Lazer      (25th Batch)
Vice President    :            Chithra Baiju    (14th Batch)
Secretary           :            Shahanas K S  (24th Batch)
Joint Secretary   :            Rema Sunil      (12th Batch)
Treasurer           :            Sunil Hassan    (26th Batch)

The chapter will work under the guidelines and support of the parental organisation of  IFAA.

This chapter will foster friendship, support  and cooperation among the members in UAE in a professional and family level
IFAA UAE chapter is the need of the hour as we have a good number of alumni members working in UAE, 
besides a possible destination for the Ifians aspiring to find a placement in fisheries and allied fields. 
This chapter can also guide and support the new entrants and contribute to the overall objective of  IFAA. .
I thank all the members who have participated in this meeting and all others who have pledged their support for the initiative  through their
e-mails and telephones ( as they could not make it due to various professional and personal meetings).
It was a lovely gathering of our alumni members, with family  and was simple and forward looking.
I thank Laiju Lazar, Sunil Hassan ,Rema Sunil and Shahanas K for their initiative and efforts in organising the gathering.
I thank all of you for your kind regards to me and the wonderful memento presented to me.
My congratulations to the elected chapter President Sri  Laiju Lazar and his core team members.
I request all alumni members in UAE to kindly cooperate with the core team, render all support and  build your
association to a mutually supporting, caring and humane chapter. 
I wish you all success and may god bless all of you and family.

Warm regards

Edwin Joseph

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