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Minutes of the IFAA AGM 2015 held on 12.09. 2015

The minutes (Modified ) of the IFAA AGM 2015  held on 12.09. 2015

The Annual Day Celebrations 2015 of IFAA was held on 12.09.2015 at the Seminar hall of the School of Industrial Fisheries, Lake side Campus. The inaugural function started with an invocation.  This was followed by the report presentation.  IFAA Secretary Smt. Anita Joseph presented detailed report on various activities of the IFAA for the year 2014-15, on power point with photos of the various events including the AGM 2014. The dignitaries were then invited to the dais.

 Dr.John Mohan, Jt Treasurer and Alumni member from first batch welcomed the gathering. IFAA President Shri Edwin Joseph presided over the function. In his presidential address he congratulated all the award winners and thanked all the members for their whole hearted co-operation and support for facilitating the all programs for the last year. He advised younger generation of alumni to come forward and associate with the activities and contribute for the welfare of the same.

 Dr. C.N. Ravi Shanker , Director CIFT, Kochi was the chief guest of the day. Dr. Ravi Shanker shared his happiness on being invited to for the function and recalled his long time association with Dr. C.T Samuel and the School of Industrial Fisheries and he praised IFAA for their efforts to address the issues in the fisheries sector. He added that CIFT can collaborate with activities of IFAA for the benefit of the fisheries sector of the country. Dr. Ravi Shanker gave the various awards of excellence instituted by the alumni. The Life Time Achievement Award for Dr. Shahul Hameed was received by Prof. Dr. C.T. Samuel on his behalf. IFFA honored Dr. John Mohan., Asst. Professor School of Industrial Fisheries with Meritorious Service Award for successful completion of three and half decades of service at SIF, CUSAT. Bright scholar Awards instituted by the IFAA UAE Chapter for the first rank holders MSc IF and M.F.Sc Seafood Safety and Trade were given  to Mr. Abhishek Singh and Kum Jisil Jose. Awards of excellence were given to the Ph.D holders Dr.S. Abhilash and Dr. Genson Joseph and to Dr. Molly Varghese, National Award Winner in Hindi essay competiton and to Shri Praveen who was elected to the CUSAT Senate. Members of 13th, 14th and 15th batches, of MSc I.F. were also honored for their achievements in their respective fields of career.

Prof. (Dr) C.T. Samuel, former director of Dept. of Industrial Fisheries addressed the meeting and extended his blessings for all future endeavors of the association. Prof. Samuel recollected his memories on functioning of initial stages of the Department of IF and advised the students and members to utilize the facilities available for the academic benefit and contribute towards welfare of the fisheries sector.

Shri Baburaj, Vice President of IFAA extended vote of thanks. The inaugural function ended with National Anthem.

This was followed by the interactive session between alumni and present batch students. Alumni answered the career related questions raised by students. During the interactive session Dr Abhilash, who was appointed as Asst Prof. KUFOS explained the seriousness of the issue on qualifications, for which his selection was challenged in High court of Kerala by Alumni Association of BFSc, KUFOS, Panangad. He explained that with the judgment was in his favour, he got appointment and whole of  IFians  benefitted.  Dr .Ramachandran also explained the gravity of situation and AGM agreed to the same. Dr. Abhilash expressed his grievances over the level of involvement of the IFAA on his court case for his appointment at KUFOS. In response to the grievance of Dr. Abhilash, President of IFAA Shri Edwin Joseph clarified that the executive deliberated on the issue and IFAA offered to join as a party to the case without financial commitments as IFAA was not having adequate financial resources to associate with court cases as there had been many service related cases in the past and is likely to arise in future also.

President assured that considering the gravity of this case in future if the issue goes for  higher appeal, IFFA will take initiative to raise the fund from members who are willing to contribute for the common cause. AGM also agreed to the same and opined to send message to all members in this regard. Shri Padmajan informed he can give reference of good advocates, in case it is required to represent the matter at higher courts and he offered an amount of Rs. 10,000 towards the same. Smt Sairabhanu also shared her experience in service matter connected with State fisheries department, where individual  only approached the court.

Further to the interactive session there was election of new office bearers. The list of the new committee members are given below.

Office bearers for the year 2015-2016.

President          : Shri Edwin Joseph
Vice President   : Shri. Baburaj.T
Secretary          : Dr. Shibu.A.V.
Treasurer           : Smt. Anita Joseph
Joint Secretary   :  Shri Nithin C.T.
Joint Treasurers : Shri. T. Padmajan & Dr. Genson Joseph.

Executive members

Dr. A. Ramachandran.

Shri. Venugopalan T.N
Dr.M. Harikrishnan
Shri. Pradip Mahato
Dr. Sabu. S.

Shri. Praveen

Web editor
Smt. Anita Joseph

Editorial Board
Dr. George Ninan
Dr.Sini Joys Mathew
Dr. Saleela.K
Dr.Jomol Antony


Web Managers
Dr. Gipson Edappazham
Shri. Pradip Mahato

Dr. Renju Revi

The AGM was followed by Lunch and the meeting dispersed at 2.45pm.


Annual Alumni Day Celebrations & AGM 2013-14

Hi friends,

The Annual Alumni Day Celebrations were held on August 15, 2013 at the School of Industrial Fisheries.

The inaugural function commenced with the traditional lamp lighting ceremony by Dr. Ramachandran Thekkedath , Honorable Vice Chancellor of Cochin University, who was the Chief Guest for the day.  Honorable Vice Chancellor, in his inaugural address , appreciated the services of IFAA and expressed his desire to present the IFAA activities before the NAAC peer commitee as a  role model for Alumni  functioning. 

Dr. A. Ramachandran, Registrar of Cochin University and Director ,School of Industrial Fisheries presided over the function. He voiced  his concern on the dwindling morales and values of the younger generation and and advised the students to lead a noble and committed life. His message was truly befiitting the Day.

Dr. C.T. Samuel, Former Director ,School of Industrial Fisheries offered his felicitations and expressed his happiness at  the growth of the School of Industrial Fisheries which had a modest beginning and all the more happy seeing how well placed his students are.

Mr. Edwin Joseph, President of IFAA welcomed the gathering. President opined that IFAA is a brand today. 
The success of IFAA is due to its focus on its set objectives and working towards attainment of the same.
IFAA has been working systematically taking measured steps and today 
has good systems in place and an empowered base. 
The contributions of the office bearers, executive, web managers, faculty for the industrial training and other alumni members
for the successful conduct of the various alumni programmes were appreciated and gratefully acknowledged.
President congratulated the award winners for the year.

Mr. T.N.Venugopal, Secretary IFAA presented a detailed  account of the activities of the year. 
The report was passed by the annual meeting.

Awards were presented by the Honorable Vice Chancellor to the Alumni members who excelled in their career as well in  studies during the past year.
The year 2013 was  set apart for the batches 7,8 & 9. Several alumni members from these batches attended the meeting and received their mementos from the Vice Chancellor. The official function concluded with the National Anthem.

The inaugural function was followed by the AGM.
Dr. Bindu Ajay welcomed the gathering.
 Dr. John Mohan presented the statement of accounts for the period 2012-2013 which was unanimously approved by the members.
 Dr. John Mohan explained the difficult financial situation of IFAA as the number of students have touched close to 100 as we have MSc Indistrial Fisheries, M.Sc Food Safety and M.Phil Students attending the annual day celebrations.
The association could just manage due to the surplus generated by the training programmes conducted by the alumni for the fisheries industry. The alumni members had a hearty discussion on the functioning of the alumni association and for its future.

This was followed by the election and the following members  were elected for the period 2013-2014.

President                        -   Mr. EDWIN JOSEPH
Vice President                -   Mr. VENUGOPALAN.T.N
Secretary                        -  Ms. ANITA JOSEPH
Joint Secretary                -   Mr. JOSEPH ZACHARIAH
Treasurer                        -  Dr. JOHN MOHAN
Joint Treasurer                -  Ms. BIJI KADAVIL/ Mr. BABURAJ
News editor                     -   Ms. ANITA JOSEPH
Editorial Board                -   Dr. BELARMINE / DR. MARTIN XAVIER/ SHAJI S.S / SASIKUMAR/ RENJITH  

The election was followed by the lunch.

True to tradition , there was an interactive session between the present students and alumni members, wherein many queries from the students were answered by alumni
 from the respective field.
This was a day to say HI to friends and share the happiness. We thank all those who attended the meeting and made the function  memorable. We are extremely thankful to the student community, faculty and e staff of the School of Industrial Fisheries for their co operation and support  in holding in this annual event.
Thanks and regards,
Anita Joseph



I am extremely happy to inform that the office bearers of IFAA has initiated the formation of IFAA UAE CHAPTER.
It is a matter of pride for all of us that our alumni members in UAE are good professionals contributing to the success of the
fisheries and allied sectors in the UAE. They have made a commendable mark in their respective fields.
In view with our objective of building a global organisation a meeting of the IFAA members working in UAE was held on March 8, 2013 at Dubai.
Sri Edwin Joseph, President, IFAA presided over the meeting. 
The following members working in UAE attended the meeting.
  1. Anandavally
  2. Syrus Antony
  3. Chithra Baiju
  4. Sunu Raghavan
  5. Shahanas
  6. Joshi John
  7. Laiju Lazer
  8. Sunil Hassan
  9. Sajeev Kumar
  10. Praveen Ravi
  11. Riyas
  12. Greena Gireeshan
The meeting deliberated and decided to have the following as Core Committee Members (UAE Chapter):

President           :             Laiju Lazer      (25th Batch)
Vice President    :            Chithra Baiju    (14th Batch)
Secretary           :            Shahanas K S  (24th Batch)
Joint Secretary   :            Rema Sunil      (12th Batch)
Treasurer           :            Sunil Hassan    (26th Batch)

The chapter will work under the guidelines and support of the parental organisation of  IFAA.

This chapter will foster friendship, support  and cooperation among the members in UAE in a professional and family level
IFAA UAE chapter is the need of the hour as we have a good number of alumni members working in UAE, 
besides a possible destination for the Ifians aspiring to find a placement in fisheries and allied fields. 
This chapter can also guide and support the new entrants and contribute to the overall objective of  IFAA. .
I thank all the members who have participated in this meeting and all others who have pledged their support for the initiative  through their
e-mails and telephones ( as they could not make it due to various professional and personal meetings).
It was a lovely gathering of our alumni members, with family  and was simple and forward looking.
I thank Laiju Lazar, Sunil Hassan ,Rema Sunil and Shahanas K for their initiative and efforts in organising the gathering.
I thank all of you for your kind regards to me and the wonderful memento presented to me.
My congratulations to the elected chapter President Sri  Laiju Lazar and his core team members.
I request all alumni members in UAE to kindly cooperate with the core team, render all support and  build your
association to a mutually supporting, caring and humane chapter. 
I wish you all success and may god bless all of you and family.

Warm regards

Edwin Joseph



We have to plan for our Annual General Meeting held in August every year. This year will focus on the coming together of the 7th, 8th and 9th batches. We also need to recognize and honor the achievements of the alumni members from these batches.
I request alumni members from these batches to kindly respond to this email with your details so that the executive can do the necessary planning. Please pass to us the details of your batch mates also.
We would be extremely grateful for your kind response to this request.
Awaiting your most positive response
Kindly mail to: edwinjoseph.earayil@gmail.com
Edwin Joseph

AGM 2012

 AGM 2012

Dear Members!!

Pleased to inform that executive committee of IFAA has decided toconduct the Annual General Meeting of IFAA 2012 on August 15, 2012 at 10.00 am at School of Industrial Fisheries.

We have great pleasure to welcome all of you to this annual event.

Please grace the occasion with your prescence and contribute to the
future palns of the IFAA.

The meeting has decided to honour the following personnels for the
year 2011-2012.


The first list is as below

Award of Excellence

Dr. Latha Shenoy - Sr.Scientist, CIFE - Mumbai
Smt. Asha Parameswaran -Jt, Director, MPEDA - Calcutta.

Professional - Fisheries Industry- from 4th, 5th and 6th batches.
Nediyirippil Sugathan - General Manager-Olokun Pisces ,Nigeria.
Anitha Joseph - QA Manager - HT Seafoods
Sheela Rajeev - QA Manager - Choice Group.
Ananda Vally - Quality Manager - Cascade Marine - Sharjah.
Beena Tilak - Manager , Quality Assurance, Interfield Laboratories,

As regards academic, members may please notify us if there are any
Ph.d holders during this period and they will come under academic

The executive will review the list if additional deserving candidates
are found in any of the categories.

The details of the AGM will be advised later.

Thank you and best regards


President IFAA


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