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  History of CUSAT

The establishment of the erstwhile University of Cochin in 1971 was a commitment from the Government of Kerala towards the new scientific policy resolution adopted by the Central Governement on 4th March 1958.The birth of the new University was with the specific purpose of "developement of higher education with particular emphasis on postgraduate studies and research in applied science,technology,industry and commerce".The University of Cochin was later reorganized as Cochin University of Science and Technology(CUSAT) in February 1986.

The University's basic philosophy and goals find eloquent expression in its Coat of Arms emblazoning the motto 'Tejaswinavadhitamastu' which in essence means 'may learning illumine us both' (the teacher and the taught).Starting from 1996-97, CUSAT became international in student admissions and faculty exchanges.It is strengthening contacts and collaborative tie-ups with international universities and institutions and is in the path of growth as a global centre for generation of new knowledge in frontier areas of learning.CUSAT has entered into academic collaborations and exchange programmes with many notable institutions across the USA, Europe,Russia,Japan,France,Korea etc.

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